What’s next after my self-check?

If you don’t find anything, then cool, your balls are balling along just like they should. Just keep checking ‘em when your Remundies text you.

But if you feel any of the following, call in to your doc for a second opinion:

  • A painless swelling or lump in the testicle (this is the most common symptom)
  • Feeling of heaviness in the scrotum
  • A change in size or the shape of the testicle
  • Pain or ache in the lower abdomen, testicle or scrotum
  • Back pain
  • Tenderness of the breast tissue (due to hormones created by the cancer cells)

Remember, the earlier testicular cancer is found, the easier it is to beat. So, it’s best not to put off that appointment.

When you go in, your doctor will give you a physical exam and a few other tests like blood works and some scans to find out exactly what you’re dealing with. If you get diagnosed, you’ll then head in for surgery to get it sorted.

If it’s left too late though and the cancer spreads outside of the testicles, then some further surgery and treatment will be needed.

Check out testicular.org.nz/ for more info.